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Agapé United Foundation provides peer to peer support for those who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or addiction through creative outlets, shared stories, and healthy connections. 

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Our why! To give victims and survivors a voice - and an available support system - we help them find the tools they need to re-position themselves to move forward with a hope and a future

Founded on Peer Support

 Our mission is to give survivors a voice and inspire hope through art and peer support, both one on one and in group settings.  Being a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse herself, the founder of un-Defined, Inc. has made it her main goal for the organization to be built on a foundation of support from peer-to-peer.  

Though we will work to help victims and survivors find professional support, our focus is on filling the gap in society and providing a listening ear through a nonprofessional, side-by-side friendship and group support that is unbiased and liberated to maintain anonymity.


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un-Defined, Inc.

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