We are an organization that seeks to help domestic and sexual abuse victims and survivors take steps toward freedom, healing, and a renewed identity.  We encourage the use of creativity - in various artistic forms - to restore an individual's ownership of their identity.

Be Heard


We believe that providing a safe place for vulnerability and transparency is the key to unlocking the doors to clarity, security, and recovery.



Giving victims and survivors a voice - and an available support system - we help them find the tools they need to re-position themselves to move forward with a hope and a future

Peer Support


Being a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse herself, the founder of un-Defined, Inc. has made it her main goal for the organization to be built on a foundation of support from peer-to-peer.  

Though we will work to help victims and survivors find professional support, our focus is on filling the gap in society and providing a listening ear through a nonprofessional, side-by-side friendship and group support that is unbiased and liberated to maintain anonymity. 


Get Involved

Ready to let your story help others that are struggling?  

Volunteer to come alongside those that need a listening ear and a hand to hold.